What is TELE Mental Health?

What is TELE Mental Health?

This is the future of Mental Health treatment in the world – now available in the Philippines

What is TELE Mental Health? How is it different from onsite counseling?

MCC’s TELE Mental Health service is face-to-face counseling, through video conferencing technology.

MCC’s TELE MentalHealth service allows our clients to access their mental health consultations via online video-conversation technology. Our clients just need to have a mobile phone, tablet, or computer with a camera (ideal setup compared to smaller devices) to talk to our MCC CareTeam members. Our clients can access all of this via links emailed to them which they can activate via our app. Our clients medical records, profile can be stored via this app as well. Our TMH service is available by January 2020.

Onsite counseling is the traditional way of accessing mental health services — our client and CareTeam professional are together in the same room for their counseling session. There is no need for an web-based or online device for this type of counselling session. Our onsite counseling services will be launched by the middle of 2020.

Our TELE technology platform is the same technology platform used by NASA for their medical telehealth services. This technology allows for great online conversations to happen even on thin internet (low data bandwidth). 

How is Mindcare Club’s TELE Mental Health more accessible and convenient than onsite counseling?

By accessing mental health counseling online (via our TELE Mental Health service), our clients save on travel time (going to and back from a clinic location), travel costs (fare, gas, Grab/taxi costs), and time spent away from work — since less time is wasted accessing the counseling service, more is saved for our client’s career or family time.

Will I have my TELE counseling sessions on Facebook Messenger, Skype, Zoom or via another video/webcam app?

All our TELE counseling sessions are done exclusively via our MCC TELE platform. This is to protect the privacy and information of our clients. 

Our MCC TELE platform protects data privacy of our clients. All audio/video communication is securely encrypted and transmitted. Our system is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the United States. HIPAA is the standard for sensitive patient data protection. This level of protection may not be available for the usual video communications app people use on social media. 

How much do MCC services cost?

Our services range from Php 800 pesos per hour of counseling to Php 3,000+ per hour. We also have International Senior Psychiatrists who are part of our CareTeam. Their rates would be in USD and can be requested by contacting MCC directly. There are also different rates for our international CareTeam professional psychiatrists and psychologists. Check out our CareTeam management group featured in our website, www.MindcareClub.com/careteam

Using our TMH app is free (internet/data charges are not included).

How do I get online?

Simply visit www.MindcareClub.com to schedule your counseling session. There is a virtual clinic button on our website. 

What are the sessions like?

TeleMentalHealth counseling sessions are very much similar to onsite counseling sessions, except that both client and professional are online for this type of session. Each session takes an hour or so. We have also developed programs for our clients where the client and professional both commit to a certain number of sessions, with an evaluation session after. This way, we minimize on “patient-keeping” and both clients and our mental health professionals are committed to recovery and treatment.

How do I pay?

Via our partnership with PayMongo, our clients can easily pay via credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, JCB), PayMaya, GCash, Coins.ph, Seven Eleven, Cebuanu Lhuillier, or MLhuillier. All payments are guaranteed and secured by PayMongo. More about PayMongo here

Will my privacy be protected?

Yes. Our clients’ records will not be available to any other client/staff member not involved in their counseling sessions. Please refer to our privacy policy here.

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