The Cost of Psych Practice in the Philippines

Mindcare Club's CEO Brian Tenorio discusses the finance aspect of the Mental Health Practice in the Philippines

Brian Tenorio is a former International Consultant for Branding, Communications, and Design at the Asian Development Bank and the World Health Organization (Western Pacific Regional Office), the founding Board Member, Communication Design Association of the Philippines, CEO & Founder, KapeTayo CoffeeFounder & Past Chair, the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce. He is also a Startup and Innovation/Design Advocate.

He finished his Master of Professional Studies in Design Management at Pratt Institute in New York (2010), the Managing the Arts Program at the Asian Institute of Management (2003). Tenorio created and taught the Design for Development track at the Development Studies Department at his alma matter, the Ateneo de Manila University.

  • One of the components of a Mental Health Provider’s practice is financial management – how the sustainability aspect of the profession is managed. While it is very much true that medical work is a vocation, providers must also realize that financial management is important to guarantee the sustainability of the service, and also to maintain its quality.
  • The Mindcare Club Team prepared this financial analysis for determining the cost of the Mental Health practice in the Philippines. Please know that these figures are based on data gathered from various providers and Mental Health professionals in the country.

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