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5. Make sure you can invest your time and effort in a professional interpersonal relationship between yourself and your chosen Psychiatrist


Even if every Psychiatrist has been trained and educated generally in the wide spectrum of Mental Health treatment, it doesn’t mean that any individual Psychiatrist will have professional treatment experience in every application of Mental Health.


Be sure to get to know the specializations and focus of the Psychiatrist you have contacted.  You can do this by reading their profiles online or asking them or their clinic about the typical types of patients who go there.


Unfortunately, in the Philippines, most clinics – from smaller to larger institutions – will not have a system for helping patients navigate through selections. This system is similar to how a coordinator or receiving desk directs new patients and clients to a specific individual provider based on their assessment of those clients and the specializations of the provider. The tendency for a lot of Filipinos is to navigate themselves throughout the system. This usually may not lead to a good-fit when it comes to matching a client with a Psychiatrist as it relies on an inefficient trial-and-error approach.

Search for a provider or Mental Health organization where patients are assisted in matching with providers based on their medical needs and situation. Some will have Front Desk Officers or Triage Officers who can help you in selecting your provider.

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