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VSee is trusted by more than 1000 Companies around the world for Telemedicine – including the Cleveland Clinic, NASA, GE Healthcare, Shell, Lenovo, MDLIVE, Walgreens, Trinity Health, GlobalMed, Sutter Health, HCA Hospital Corporation of America, DaVita, The GEO Group, MedAire, and many more organizations. VSee and Mindcare Club – together for more accessible TeleMental Health for Filipinos!

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More Information on Onboarding

Overview and Key Features of MCC's TeleMentalHealth

  • There is no monthly recurring fee for using the MCC's telemental health platform.
  • Patient payments can be made via MCC's billing system. Providers can charge their own special rates – of which 20% is collected by MCC (80% goes to the Provider, 20% goes to MCC). Please note though that via TeleMental Health, access is not as costly as maintaining and going to a physical clinic space.
  • Payouts to providers happen every 7th of the month following the month of performance. (For example, for consults done throughout April 2020, the payouts to the Providers – 60% of the rates paid by the patients – will be deposited to the bank account of the Providers on the 7th of May, the month after April 2020).​
  • Prescriptions (images/photos of the Provider's existing Rx) can be sent via the MCC webcam app.
  • Providers, once they are part of MCC, can now invite their patients to schedule with them for appointments.


  • What's the difference between Mindcare Club's platform versus doing tele via FB Chat, Skype, or a phone call?
  • Mindcare Club's (MCC) online platform approximates a clinical encounter using technology. Different from FB Messenger and Skype, our platform is HIPAA-compliant and also built for telemedicine. MCC's platform has electronic medical records (EMR) management, a virtual waiting room for patients (before the start of a session), and other features that constitute a clinical experience.
  • How do I bring my patients to my TELE (virtual) clinic?
  • Once you are part of our system, we shall assign to you a special webpage that your Patients can access. The webpage URL will look something like this: "https://mindcareclub.vsee.me/u/yourname". You can place this webpage URL on your stationery and business cards as your virtual clinic address. You can also place this on your linkedin or other professional social media accounts.
  • How is using MCC's payment system easier for me and my patients?
  • Patients can pay via our payment system partnership with PayMongo. They can pay via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, JCB), PayMaya, GCash, coins.ph, via Seven Eleven, Cebuana Lhuillier, or M Lhuillier branches.
  • Will TELE deliver the same quality of experience as a face-to-face session?
  • TeleMentalHealth (TELE) would still be a "face-to-face" treatment experience, but of course will not have other features present in an onsite session (where both Provider and Patient are in the same room). But one major component to Mental Health treatment is its capacity to provide easier access to specialist care, especially in a developing economy context, where people are marginalized due to geographic or socioeconomic factors. Through Tele, patients and providers have better and more affordable access to each other – which could help make the total treatment experience more effective, beneficial, and sustainable. There is also a whole range of information about the viability of Tele online.
  • Where can I read more about Mindcare Club?
  • The main page of https://www.mindcareclub.com/ will already give a great overview of the organization, our vision and goals, and how we run and operate.
  • I'm in. How can I join?
  • Please sign up via the blue button below and we shall get back to you ASAP.

Service Features

  • Providers and patients can have their online webcam session from any location (their homes, offices, or any quiet and private space).
  • Providers and Patients can avoid going to crowded hospital spaces to get to their clinic appointment.

TELE is more accessible Mental Health services for everyone!

  • Save on travel time (going to and back from a clinic location)
  • Save on travel costs (fare, gas, other costs)
  • Have more time for your personal life and the things you need to do