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Mindcare Club (MCC) is a network of mental health psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors in the Philippines. We are a Telemental Health service. We use online videoconferencing technology for delivering treatment and therapy to our patients and members over distances – conveniently and securely.

Corporate & Institutional Programs

Mental Health in the Workplace – Enterprise Solutions

Mindcare Club also has programs, packages, and coverage for companies, corporations, institutions, and large organizations. Receive more information about our Corporate and Institutional Programs by sending an email to enterprise@mindcareclub.com.

Mental Health in the Workplace Policy Kit

Department Order 208-20 Guidelines for the Implementation of Mental Health Workplace Policies and Programs for the Private Sector

In line with the recent Philippine Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) D.O. 208-20 (read about the DOLE news release here), Mindcare Club has a full-coverage program for setting up and developing a MH in the Workplace Policy and Program for companies and enterprise.

    • MH in the Workplace Policy Kit
    • Seminar and Talk Series
    • Mental Health Access
    • Mental Wellness Advocacy and CSR

Features and Benefits

  • Access an MH Program especially developed for enterprise. Programs come in set packages or could be configured to your company's needs.
  • Save on travel time and cost. More accessible for your employees as they don't need to travel distances to see a mental health professional.
  • Improve efficiency. Better use of work time as your employees won't need to take a large amount of time off away from work for accessing their counseling sessions.
  • Maximize resources. More affordable program rates via telemental health.
  • Set up easily. Easier to manage scheduling; your colleagues can schedule their themselves in the system
  • Provide expert care from our Medical Team led by our Chief Medical Officer (Past President of the Philippine Psychiatric Association and Co-founder and former Associate Dean of the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health) with our team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, MDs, and Mental Health Nurses

Industries and Sectors Covered


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Food & Beverage

Other Industries

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