Why join Mindcare Club?

Benefits and Advantages

About Mindcare Club’s TeleMental Health Platform

    • Mindcare Club (MCC) is a network of mental health counselors and spaces in the Philippines. 
    • We are a TELE Mental Health service.
    • We use online videoconferencing technology for delivering treatment and therapy to our clients and patients over distances – conveniently and securely. Our video conferencing platform is the same technology used by NASA for telemedicine and is HIPAA compliant in the United States.
    • We’re the only one and also pioneering in this TELE approach here in the Philippines.

PROVIDER benefits of TeleMental Health 

    • Via our TeleMental Health technology, providers can treat more clients coming from any location in the country..
    • Providers can have their counselling sessions with their clients from their home office or take in clients remotely from their clinics or office spaces.
    • This allows our providers to save on transportation cost and time.
    • This also allows our providers to save on clinic rental costs, clinic set-up costs and other related fees and expenses.
    • Our providers can now access a whole new generation of clients and patients who are more comfortable with online interactions and who value accessibility and convenience (instead of travelling distances).
    • Online video conferencing-related fees apply.

CLIENT/PATIENT benefits of TeleMental Health 

    • Clients can save on transportation cost and time going to the clinic of their providers. For example, transportation from Quezon City to a clinic in Makati can cost Php 500 one way (Php 1,000 return trip on Grab) and take up 2 to 4 hours of travel time – which could have been earnings from time at work, or personal time). These savings could have been used also in accessing mental health counseling sessions and medicine.
    • Clients can access their providers better and more conveniently via MCC’s TELEmental Health platform, from their own home, or from a secure location in their office. Instead of leaving work early to get to an appointment, our members can allocate an hour of their time after work hours to chat with our counselors from their work spaces (with approval from their office admin, of course).
    • Clients from underserved locations in the country can now have access to providers of their choice. 
    • Clients do not have to be limited to providers who are near them geographically.